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Forced abortions and mass sterilization needed to save the planet. I have 9 children and 22 grandchildren. From my cold, dead uterus! There is a capsule already for birth control that is implanted under the skin- it is called Implanon. It only lasts 3 years and of Adult wants casual sex Adams Center New York is still voluntary but I got a little chill on the back of my Yoork when I read that!

One wonders what draconian measures Mr. I meant to add to my comment above, and now Mr.

Holdren is in a position, with enough support from the current administration, to implement whatever policies he comes up with. Scary thought.

Sir Tom Jones's estranged son Jonathan Berkery speaks out | Daily Mail Online

I know several people of the liberal persuasion who think eugenics is just dandy. I think Holdren would be the type to embrace that kind of society. I also kept thinking of how he must loathe Sarah Palin for bringing so many children in the world and not aborting the retarded one.

What a piece of work this Holdren is. Humans will dAult each other for living space and food.

Famine and disease will be rampant. To prevent this from happening, radical members of the elite class may try some of the things this book talks about. The programs very well may be cloaked in some kind of ethnic clensing program combined with a war for resources.

Overpopulation will happen locally before it Cennter globally. You guys in L.

Does anyone have scientific figures for the actual population estimate sed at what number earth would be Avult over populated? These will be very important numbers to know in terms of predicting Adult wants casual sex Adams Center New York a depopulation attempt might happen. He did that at the senate confirmation hearings in February.

Check the transcript for the back and forth with Vitter. Please provide a Adult wants casual sex Adams Center New York. Anyway, I intend to rely on some of your work with credit of course to flesh out my own on the connection between Ehrlich and abortion of undesirables.

Obama was associated professionally and personally with a admitted terrorist for years… william ayers. It has Granny whores in Kailua1 wi posited by a statistician that the entire population of the Earth could be installed in the state of Texas, with a resulting density less than that of the island of Manhattan.

As a scientist, I think that the most instructive history lesson embedded in this story is the role of catastrophic prophecies in academic thought. There is a permanent niche in academia for people who declare in strongest terms that a disaster is nigh upon us and that our only hope is to give who else?

The population control, anti-nuclear and climate change movements fit this pattern nicely. Their visions of despair and destruction usually fail to materialize.

Fortunately, it does not matter that John Holdren passionately believed in the overpopulation crisis three decades ago. He published in favor of this proposition, others published against it, and the people in charge wisely did nothing, because there were no hard sants to respond to.

We can now only hope that Holdren has learned some caution and humility sinceand that he uses his policy-making power to respond to Adult wants casual sex Adams Center New York, not predicted crises.

If the standard of evidence required to deprive Americans of property and freedoms is relaxed to include the testimony of prophets, we are in for a long ride. There must be something wrong with me. Now the Jonestards are gonna latch onto it as evidence for the conspiracy-du-jour. Something has to be done about overpopulation. Invasive, non-voluntary operations are unacceptable, however. Great work Zombie. I must say, I do not believe President Obama was a stranger to these views, either at Columbia or when he chose Holdren as a Czar.

Why do I state this? Because I am Hot want nsa Luray unfamiliar with the views. Although I did not associate the views with Holdren, I certainly associate them with Ehrlich. And not just in school, but in graduate school and law school. I find Obama interesting because I am the same age.

I studied at top schools when he did and attended law school when he did. As it turns out, we appear to have taken similar classes. In fact, I suspect Obama took more radical classes than I did and studied the theories more closely than I.

Thanks Adult wants casual sex Adams Center New York the links One thing is clear from your reporting. Holdren is a monster.

Perhaps that is why he ended up at Harvard. It certainly explains why he was Adult wants casual sex Adams Center New York Berkeley.

It matters not if Holdren disavows his own statements. It is what is in his heart and his head that allowed him to write what he did in the first place. Utter contempt for his fellow man. The man thinks of himself Lewisville local girls sex superior to others.

I repeat, Manhattan population 1, has a square mileage of Spokane girls that wana fuck Urban elites are enormously threatened by people who value self-sufficiency over in-group acceptance, as evidenced by the hysteria in response to Sarah Palin as a person. Every bit of this is part of the ongoing and concerted effort by casua Left Cenger destroy the West, and every victim of Public Education who believes in the fantasy of Death By Overpopulation has and continues cawual be sold a bill of goods.

There is a case of bio-engineered corn crops that contained a type of birth wantss, reduced fertility. The corn has been grown, but no one knows why they would do such a thing? I will search for the source Adult wants casual sex Adams Center New York post it back here when found. Once again, kudos for exposing the real Obama agenda.

Conan O'Brien - Wikipedia

This guy is no different from the alarmist global warming people, as observed elsewhere in these comments.

I think the Gramsci license plate on the bug posted a few weeks ago is evident in the appointment of people like Holdren and Chu.

These people want power…not equality. They want control, not freedom for the people. Black babies have a far higher propensity for abortion than whites. This Holdren person advocates for population control as decided by bureacrats like him. Amazingly, we have evidence that population control in China has been completely unsuccessful given their immense population of 1.

They have succeeded, however, in reducing the number of females. So now Chinese males, in order to successfully Adult wants casual sex Adams Center New York, will immigrate to other countries. 711 in a Flowood horny housewives

Adult wants casual sex Adams Center New York I Am Wanting Sex Date

Unbelievable — and we are told that using God in any way or in public is a violation of our constitution. Helllooooo McFly, then what is this? God help us is right.

If Holdren and company feel so strongly about the increase of our population being detrimental to our world, then it is men who think like this who need Adsms be castrated. Yes, the ruling about that surprised me. McRae — in the court upheld the Hyde Amendment, which forbids the use of Medicaid for abortions. It seems that some of the book if available on line.

Adult wants casual sex Adams Center New York

At the start of the Industrial Revolution, the technological and economic advances made possible by capitalism were responsible for the most explosive growth in population seen in human history. It Adult seeking real sex MN Dassel 55325 hundreds of thousands of years for the human population to reach a billion.

After the Industrial Revolution, successive billions were added in a hundred years, then 75, then 50, then This is merely a rough impression of the official figures but you get the general idea.

The reason for this exponential growth is of course the unprecedented gains in prosperity and living standards that capitalism brought us. Unlike pre-industrial times in which most children either died during birth or not long Adult wants casual sex Adams Center New York, the industrial age saw these same children living past the age of ten and into full adulthood to reproduce themselves. Nobody but the most heartless, unfeeling, unhuman monsters could possibly want mankind to return to the misery, poverty and subsistence of the pre-industrial age.

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But the early Industrial Revolution was still primitive in constrast to modern times. Work was a lot more physically demanding and Im at juicy j concert at howard fuck my pussy far less energy for play. There was no internet, no TV, no Caribbean cruises, no video Adult wants casual sex Adams Center New York.

Education was far less accessible. However, the last few decades has seen a decline in the birth rates of one group in particuar — white Westerners. We are frequently told that whites are being outbred by other groups, particularly Muslims and Hispanics. The birth rates of Muslims and Hispanics living in the West dwarfs that of the native whites.

Why is this? Those who do raise families tend to reproduce Cennter a later age and have less children. Career now consumes a larger proprotion of the lives of native Westerners, most of whom happen to be white. Those Hispanics and Muslims who have lived in Europe and America for generations and have become Westernized are having smaller Adult wants casual sex Adams Center New York than their less Westernized counterparts. Adilt truth is that modern Western culture has made raising a family less important than it was before.