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Bonnyville me to be your bitch

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I'll lick you, suck you and finger you Bonnyville me to be your bitch you gush all over my face. M4w No reciprocation necessary, either. I am seeking for a alone black male between the ages of 30 to 45 to have fun and enjoy life. SEEKING MATURE WOMAN Tall SWM waiting for older woman. I'm easy could be hiking green Bonnyvile and it looks out today.

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This little girls name is Amber Cardinal or as she claims Amber Anderson. She used to make fun of woman who were having children, yet she has one now and claims to Bonnyville me to be your bitch the best parent alive.

She used to steal her ex boyfriends money when it was supposed to be used for there son, and spent it all on her plastic self.

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She would claim that girls with colored eyes were in fact wearing contacts and there light colored hair was fake. Look at her now, claiming to be a blonde when she kills her hair every chance she gets, and wearing colored contacts.

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She has a boyfriend, but the poor guy doesnt realize that when she forces him to watch Bonnyville me to be your bitch son, shes out yuor a drunken slut banging other guys on the side in different towns. They cropped their kid out of the picture. What loving parents.

Fake hairfake eye color, fake nails, fake ass built into the panty. She as indian as anyone else.

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Grow up an stop wishing you phonies! Your indian!!!

We know the whole fam sheesh mentally ill. Twats like a elastic band. They are phoney plastics with fake haireyelashesnails, panties with built in padding lol! Her parents are related an dads in jail. Can you a shut the fuck up now, like fuck!!!!

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Amber is so beautiful and shes a good mom she takes care of her kids, and buys them the world, its funny cause ugly Indians are jealous of her, cause shes a good person, yeah she goes out but its rare, you should get a look of her now, shes an even better and mature gorgeous young lady. Ive knowen Amber nd Tori since they were small,their mom has worked her butt off to raise Bonnyville me to be your bitch girls,so what if they have babys.


At least they arent crack heads who leave their kids all the time. No one has the right to judge these girls,so they have babys,as a parent to pre teens my kids know they can come to me about sex,but if they choose not to then how is it as a parent my fault,Judy didnt tell the girls to go get pregnant.

Judy isnt a perfect mom,but she is a good mom. Glad i got out of that piece of shit area. Amber is an Bonnyville me to be your bitch mother. She should be fucken taken off of here.

Watch your kid. Couch surfing like a goof. You girls are hurting.

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I got you. Let people talk, obviously thats all they can do when its on the dirty. It all makes sense whores need to be on dirty.

I hope amber is using anderson. This has nothing to do with Ambers mother the stupid little bitch opened her own legs her mom didnt do it for her and amber doesnt take care of her kid her mom does because amber doesnt even know Bonnyville me to be your bitch to wipe her own ass shes a used up little slut.

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And where was her mother thru out this???? Sheesh parents these days.

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Bitcy not. If she got pregnant at 14 then her son would be 3 years old not 1 year and 6 months! Get your shit straight before you try say shit!!!

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Step your game up HOES. Fag fucker!

What do you know when you have no one but yrself and her for friendship duh! Everyone knows her dummy!

If this amber is such a nice KID!!! Why does she have a kid!!!

And if she only 15 sheesh!!! Why let this happen, ur daughter should be home not running around all hrs of the night or at least go on the pill or something… Sorry I just had to Bonnyvillf something.

She loves her son. So what if she likes to party.

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Hell im 21, A single mom to a gorgeous boy. Add more photos. Pulldown to refresh You can let go now Refreshing!

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