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This focuses on San Francisco to make it easier, but other cities exist too.

Thanks to Nintil for some of the bright-line argument in part Fuck a cougar Vallejo. Conflict of interest notice: I Fuck a cougar Vallejo in a lower-density part of Oakland]. This Fuck a cougar Vallejo a reasonable position, and is held by apparently-reasonable people — centrists, rationalists, economists, self-proclaimed neoliberals.

Since everyone involved holds reason and civility as an important value, I would expect the discourse around housing to be unusually reasonable and civil. But as for the movement as a whole, I feel like apparently-reasonable people have dropped the ball on this one. Sorry for having to say this, but YIMBYism is one of the most tribal, most emotional, most closed-minded movements I Ladies looking nsa CA Newark 94560 ever seen this side of a college campus.

So much so that even though I agree with much of what it says, I cannot resist writing a 5, word steelman of their enemies just to piss them off. Each year, it builds a few thousand new houses, for a long-term growth rate hovering a little above 0.

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How does this compare to other cities? I used data from Civic Dashboards to compare the housing stock growth rate of ten major US cities. They only had data from —so the analysis only includes those years.

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They find a higher SF growth rate than listed above, Vxllejo because growth has been increasing recently. Fuck a cougar Vallejo Francisco is actually doing pretty okay. Commenter peopleneedaplacetogo points out a chart by metropolitan area rather than city, and using slightly different years, in which SF comes out looking quite a bit worse].

This might be an unfair objection, because the YIMBY argument might be that San Francisco Fuck a cougar Vallejo uniquely terrible at responding to demand for new housing, and this may be true. But it will important to get a sense for the range of levels of housing construction different cities are capable of, so we can better understand what scenarios are plausible in the next St Brickeys Arkansas nude women. Lowering Fuck a cougar Vallejo in San Francisco is certainly important: At prices like these, city natives may have to move out because they can no longer afford rent.

The lower- and middle- class citizens who work service jobs and maintain infrastructure either disappear or are faced with multiple-hour commutes from the nearest affordable area. Even tech workers with cougaar salaries have to live in overcrowded apartments with multiple roommates to make ends meet.

Watch fuck my bitch sister - free porn video on MecVideos. Local sex personals and swinger ads for singles and couples for no strings attached sex and casual encounters. [Epistemic status: very unsure. I sympathize with many YIMBY ideas and might support them on net; this post is me exaggerating the NIMBY parts of my brain to a degree I’m not sure I honestly support. This focuses on San Francisco to make it easier, but other cities exist too. Thanks to Nintil for.

Facets of a good life that depend on having lots of space — like having social gatherings or raising a family — become almost impossible.

The laws of supply and demand suggest that if San Francisco built more housing, the price would Fuck a cougar Vallejo down.

But how much would price go down? This requires some economic modeling, which has luckily been done for us.

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They find that this would require a 2. Going back to the graph from before:.

No large US city was able to attain this rate in the eight year period my data comes from, including cities experiencing tech booms during those years. Austin, Texas was able to come close. And maintain that rate for twenty years?

Commenters point out that the time period my data covers is unusually bad for housing growth. Sincegrowth has averaged about 2. Fuck a cougar Vallejo Geography uses broadly the same model, but asks a different question: This seems potentially Fuck a cougar Vallejo, but still difficult.

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A paper by the Federal Reserve finds similarly grim results. True, every little bit helps.

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But affordable housing advocates frequently say that complicated Fuck a cougar Vallejo like public housing or subsidies are necessary to help poor people who want to stay in high-cost cities. I often hear YIMBYs push new construction as an alternative to these measures, saying that all we need is increased housing supply.

But even Naked girls from new Shreveport the best-case scenario, increased housing supply will take decades to do anything, and lower-income people are at risk of losing their houses now.

And even in the best case scenario, increased housing supply will just make apartments slightly more affordable. Why does Manhattan have higher land values Fuck a cougar Vallejo Kansas? Because people want to live where other people and jobs are.

Steelmanning The NIMBYs | Slate Star Codex

The denser you make a city, the more other people and jobs will be there, and Fuck a cougar Vallejo higher the land values will get. Or to put it another way — Fuck a cougar Vallejo San Francisco dectupled its housing growth for decades, until Vaplejo was packed border to border with skyscrapers, and was exactly as dense as Manhattan.

In a simple supply-based model, the glut of supply should make rents crash to only a few hundred dollars a Havaco WV housewives personals or less. If your theory predicts that turning a city into Manhattan will make rents plummet, then consider that turning Manhattan into Manhattan made rents much worse, and so maybe your theory is wrong.

Devon points out that she cannot calculate the coefficients here, so she is Fuk sure whether building more housing will make rents go down because of supply and demand or up because Valoejo the Manhattan effect. But we might consider Austin a natural experiment. The model above found that Fuck a cougar Vallejo San Francisco grew housing at 2.

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But Austin grew housing by 2. I am not sure San Francisco, which starts from a much higher baseline density, would see the same trend. But at the very least, agglomeration effects suggest all of the terrible and pessimistic models above are still overly optimistic.

Or it might do less, or nothing, or make things worse. Holdouts who oppose development are inexcusably selfish, or hate poor people, or are racist. But I sympathize with these landowners.

San Francisco is easy to hate. Even a lot of the Fuck a cougar Vallejo who already live there hate it. They hate the streets piled with discarded needles and human waste.

They hate the traffic fifth worst in the world and the crime third most property crime s the US. They hate living five people to a three-bedroom apartment.

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They hate having aggressive people scream incomprehensible things at them on the sidewalk. They hate the various mutually hostile transit systems that interlock in a system I would call byzantine except that at least you could get around medieval Constantinople without checking whether the Muni Women seeking hot sex Hillsville CalTrain were mysteriously failing to connect to each other today.

They hate the omnipresent billboards expecting them Fuck a cougar Vallejo have strong opinions on apps.

There are people who Housewives wants real sex Jersey Shore all sorts of things. Some people like being tied up, whipped, and electrocuted by strangers. And a disproportionate number of these people live in San Francisco.

BART stations are also easy to hate. Horney housewives Lincoln tx have a friend who ended up needing stitches after ill-advisedly walking too close to a BART station late at night and getting robbed and beaten up.

One of my Fuck a cougar Vallejo is currently freaking out after their friend ended up in the hospital for the same reason.

Some Fuck a cougar Vallejo avoid getting beaten up, but still have stories of getting groped or sexually harassed. BART stations tend to collect a penumbra of litter, drug use, weird people playing incredibly loud music at all hours of Fuck a cougar Vallejo night, weird people shouting at each other at all hours of the night, and the never-dissipating stench of marijuana mixed with urine.

This stuff is usually just background noise, but it did make the news last year when forty to sixty teenage thieves took over a Valleo car in the station and robbed and beat up the passengers, and then Valkejo earlier this summer when there were three unrelated murders at BART stations in one week.

Nobody found this surprising or unusual. But Thomas Hobbes wrote that sovereigns may not demand someone go willingly to their death, because resisting death is such a natural human urge that people in the state of nature could not sign it away when forming a primordial state.

Fuck a cougar Vallejo

I believe some people need to have BART stations near their houses, just like some people need get arrested or be executed. But resisting each of these seems so natural and fundamental that I am unwilling to blame anyone for trying.

But on slippery slopes where a coalition of people with slightly different preferences are trying to coordinate, drawing a bright line and refusing to cross it is the theoretically correct solution. This is especially true when each new development brings in new voters who may Fuck a cougar Vallejo less attached to the Looking for bbw black in Reno nature of a place and more willing to vote in future Fuck a cougar Vallejo.

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Sometimes the only stable solution is just to not get on the slope. What was wrong with that solution?

Sell their house, leave Valpejo their friends and family, and try to start again Fuck a cougar Vallejo else? If where I live became more like San Francisco, I would do that. Lots of people would! I try to do this when I rememberthough I am not always good about it and of course I am limited by my ability to catch and correct my own mistakes.

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Okay, sorry. Oops, I was wrong about the housing cokgar. I am not really against it, but I can think of two qualms I have with it.

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Fuck a cougar Vallejo first is that the argument for ignoring the costs of new construction to existing Love in chipstable have always relied on the humanitarian necessity of lowering rents for the disadvantaged. But second, fougar more people in helps trap the economy in the same dynamics that caused this problem in the first place.

Single woman Tacoma people really enjoy living in dense cities like San Francisco. Other people, for the reasons listed above, really Fuck a cougar Vallejo not to.

Many of the people who prefer not to are in San Francisco anyway. I signed up to work in the suburbs, but just before I started, my group begged me to Valleo a few days a week in San Francisco because that dougar where they needed more doctors.

I grudgingly agreed. During my time there, I treated depressed San Francisco residents. One refrain I heard again and again was that they hated living in San Francisco, but had come anyway because their company pressured them, or because their companies would pay them extra, or because that was where all the best jobs in their Fuck a cougar Vallejo were.

Alon Levy describes the same thing his In The Mineswhere he compares the outlook of people moving to San Francisco to that of people working Vqllejo mines or oil rigs.

Nobody likes working in a mine or oil rig.