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I am shocked at the attitude and demeanor of the Costco employees. You should sincerely check your management team at this location. I am in the Real Estate business and fully understand how important customer relations are.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I have just been notified that I was not hired by Costco. Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall felt as if Kamsas gentleman who interviewed me was disengeged as well as the other young lady in the gamign with him. I have worked in customer service for 25 plus years.

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I am flexible and can work any days or hours. I am currently licensed through a gaming commission and handle very large amounts of money. I am finger printed, back ground checked and on Thursday I will be receiving the Aces High Award at my current employer for the fourth time.

But yet not qualified to get hired at Costco. I feel that Costco should look into this. I certainly was not fairly considered for the position of front end assistant.

Message to all! Just go to Better Business Bureau instead of getting frustrated! So sorry for most of the people who took the time and effort to express their concern and experience. The Better Business Bureau will investigate all of your concerns! Good Luck to all!

What a scam!! I was wanting to forward an email that I keep getting from COSTCO that is not from Costco to see if your legal department wanted to get to the bottom of it, but could not find Thick swf seeking fwb email for the legal department. Thought you might like to know. I found this watch today on the Costco website.

He comes back and the manager says no, that is the website and it is a different supplier. I said hold on I went an hour and twenty minutes out of my way to come get this watch that I CALLED ON and verified both on hand and price and now you will not honor your website price which you are over double on?

Manager says no and he laughs that I would drive 40 minutes for that watch. Well I clearly see my time and loyalty as a customer are. So since you cannot manage your website or clearly handle customer issues when the customer is right I will not be shopping at Costco any more. Also I am going to return every single thing from Costco in my house opened or not on that trip.

I filled out this same explanation under a review for that watch which you took down after 20 minutes so I am saving this complaint and also posting Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall on Facebook and twitter since you feel the need to take factual reviews on products and experiences off your website.

Maybe you should look at the second line in your own Code of Ethics or review your mission statement again. So now I have cost you time and money. Good for you! They think they are too big to fail…. I disheartened to read so many complaints, and about issues which are easily remedied! People trek from the Kansas side just to purchase beer, wine, and liquor.

They waste a lot of space, and could do a lot better in terms of variety of merchandise, especially food choices. In any organization this big, the fish stinks from the head down, not the tail up. Upper regional managers set the tone for how everyone below them performs. All the way down to how they treat people. It is disheartening to read comments made by customers which point to an organization that is reliant on membership, but unresponsive to their customer base.

Unless you want to suffer like Home Depot did and continues to because of crappy managementGirl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall should retrain those high-paid managers to be more hands-on. I have been a member for decades and always enjoy Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall at Costco stores wherever I travel. For the most part I find the personnel to be friendly and helpful, and the stores to be clean, well managed and a pleasure to shop in.

I live near the Redding, CA store and shop there most, and I have noticed a decline in service at that store over the past year. The parking lot is littered with shopping carts, the shopping cart drop-off areas are frequently overflowing to the point that the overflow hampers safe vehicular passage.

There once was sanitary hand wipes and lotion at the main entrance so that the customer could wipe down the handle of the cart, but there have not been any such products at the entrance for several months now. But it would be nice to have a healthy alternative to Trix and Count Chocula. It happens in every industry, and I am surprised that Costco is allowing their brand to be degraded by bad management.

For an organization that is reliant upon members returning each year and paying their fees to shop at their stores, I am surprised that Costco has not yet setup a feedback protocol whereby upper management can monitor and investigate complaints.

And by the same token, when members have positive feedback, this should be filtered down to the store level, and if need be -specific employees recognized for good performance. In a local drug store in my town, I have no co-payments whatsoever because my med are all Tier 1 and Tier 2. Then I had a rebate check from that I unfortunately lost. No problem with corporate office they issued me a cash credit card and said I could cash it at any time. Went to Costco tonight and the manager told me flat out that Costco does not do business that way and she refused to give me the cash on my cash card from the corporate office because my membership was not up to date.

I told her that I did not want it up to date because I am no longer a Costco customer for obvious reasons. Most of the crap they sell you can get at almost the same price elsewhere where I live. So for me it is good riddens to the Costco slick crooks. AIXA and Sara helped me get my fees back from last year that was never applied right to my card.

They took the time to resolve the issue and I walked out a happy Customer. Good luck with that, Paula.

You might think everything you buy is made here. And if you Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall everything made here, then be ready to pay workers decent wages, even if it means paying more for products.

Walmart can kick rocks. The worst experience we have ever had at a Costco. My family has been members for over ten years and never have we been treated in such a rude manner. Shortly after getting to the register and interrupting what seemed to be a more important conversation Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall just simply greeting us. Following that lovely transaction my Looking for sex parner Fatima son of 24 attempted to purchase one single bottle of alcohol and charge it on his own Visa debit card.

The rules interpreter was not done yet. We never been treated in such a hostile manner these kind of events will seriously make us rethink our decision of renewing our membership. I had to call back the number for the services five times to inquire, rather than they calling me. Costco et al….

Like a waiver. I work in your establishment and I pained me to see what you are throwing away for fear of beingsued. With a waiver your employees can take goods to their family without being sued or arrested for thievery. This Just for fun nsa or fwb an excellent idea!!!

I really love and enjoy being a great customer of Seeking friends 20 Hollenberg ct 20, their Mission is to To continually provide our members with quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices.

Their quote on the Mission Statement: Which was actually a hell of a deal, I went to purchase the tablet, but the Warehouse Manager MATT informed me that since the label was not the same as the picture that the store will not be able to honor the price for the tablet needless to say, MATT, never spoke with me face to face, he relayed the message thru another employee. I spoke with several managers and went as far as calling the Regional Office which is located Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall Texas.

I am requesting a refund for my Yearly membership and go back to shopping with other Wholesale Warehouse! I bought washer and was delivered on Dec 2. The door latch was broken so the delivery guys took it back and said we will have a new washer the next day. We have a 2 year old toddler and needing Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall do laundry ever other day.

The closest one is 7 miles away. It was very inconvenient and time consuming.

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About 2 years ago my family and I quit drinking soda — and needless to say this was a positive for my family. I would have asked the Lodi leads, manager or workers — but they are all very busy …and I thought I could ask your main office team to get an answer.

Costco is a great operation and I would prefer to buy the product at Costco than to buy from another operation. It causes so much inconvenience. Who will being lots of cash with them these days? Since Costco switched to Citi Bank Visa we have had nothing but problems!! I do have to say that Citi bank did credit us the charges, but it was a very frustrating and time-consuming problem! Not to sound Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall an ass, but when you sign Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall agreement to secure a credit card line, there is a Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall of the TOS that clearly states that YOU are responsible to pay YOUR monthly bill.

Also, CitiBank did not have to credit you any of the fees incurred due to the negligence on either party excluding the theft coverage. They are not even affiliates. City bank simply provides you credit to shop at Costco.

I do like that store, as I have shopped there a few times with a complimentary 24 hour membership. Yes, nothing but problems. I moved last year and have stopped going to Costco. Costco, or Citi Bank Woman want hot sex Chester Vermont automatically assume that I want to purchase the membership and debit the credit card.

Is this legal? Please stop doing this, you guys make enough money already. I am against the investors in the pipeline, as there have been human rights violations, police brutality and more, happening in North Dakota now. The Sioux at Standing Rock have garnered support worldwide, and it makes me wish that Costco would follow suit and divest. And now I feel uneasy. I agree completely.

I always thought Costco was more forward thinking than this. If we are serious about climate change, then we must end our dependence on fossil fuels gamimg move swiftly to renewable energy, which means no more pipelines. Your Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall of being struck by lightning or drowning is far greater than ever being injured by stoee pipeline. Americans have a long history of taking what they want from all Indian tribes, including the Sioux.

The Sioux Nation fought hard and lost entire generations of families as they struggled to keep their land.

I love this land called America and served in the military for 20 years. Take one look at any Indian reservation and tell me they care about the land.

Trash all over, nothing is well-kept. You cannot create systemic prejudice where there is none. Do your research. I have been an executive member for a long time and I have been most happy with your organization but with this issue and no answers of a solution is making me VERY unhappy. People who work in costco membership had horrible service. They look at you wait and taking a life time serving only 1 Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall.

Slow like an old turtle. I love Costco! Great prices on quality items and awesome staff. When I lived in central California I shopped Costco almost Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall a weekly bases. The Merced Costco employees are awesome. However I have moved to East Texas. The closest Costco is two hours away. Wife want nsa PA West hazleton 18201 I travel to Dallas, I make it a point to go to Costco.

Costco planners- I strongly suggest you plan for new Costco construction in Longview, Texas. Interstate 20 goes right by Longview, which would be beneficial for sales. It would be a great location. Hope to see you soon!!! She put the quarter gallon of maple syrup on top of the bananas, common sense, right? So I reach over and put the maple syrup on the side and she looked at me as if she was going to do something.

As a customer this is very disrespectful and change needs to happen. Maybe this Costco should have an employee meeting on how to keep patience. My wife work at Costco Norfolk VA, she was upset that her manager is so bias in treating his subordinates.

He favor a workers that always fraternize with him off work. He always give them a good day off and schedule of work, while my wife who works diligently and most senior was getting the weekend schedules. My wife has a life also, but in this kind of schedule Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall never had a chance to be with family during off school.

This is happening at food court. I am so worried because of everyday after work she is so tired and her body was even deteriorated from doing all the work. I hope you guys will do something about it.

She was complaining about her situation but unfortunately no one cares in the management area. It is a corporation or company policy that no one should be able to receive unfair treatment to all employee.

She was following all rules and regulations and never had bad reputation with regards to work ethic. I believe that discrimination and no equal opportunity is being implemented in that working place. Ok so 5 months ago I got this prescriptions glasses from Costco that was not cheap to me. Well last week while I was on my vacation in Mexico the left arm of the glasses just come out on my hand. I did not break it, droop it not did i do anything to cause this glasses to break.

Today I went to Costco I got very disappointed. While explaining to the sales man what happen he responds that Costco can not do anything to help me…. I asked him that if I understood right what he was telling me…. So at least tell the costumers ahead that we are paying cheaper for their products because it is Crap! I am not Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall about this and I will complain until I get it right! This place has gone down hill fast! Get down to the fact that I will never go Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall to Costco again.

You do not use the chip when swiping credit cards and I am told that this is because corporate has indicated that it will take too long to get customers through checkout lines. I intend to switch to writing checks in the future because my card has been hacked 3 times. Will that improve the time to check out? Please Nude girls from Tenterfield the switch to the chip reader.

I work at the Westlake, CA store. One of the things that management stresses the most is get the lines moving as quickly as possible.

We did have chip readers for a couple weeks, but it took way too long to process payment so we stopped using it. Unless the chip reader speed is increased there is no way we will go back to it. We just can't Local pussy erie pa.

find a sexy woman the extra time spent with the chip readers. It's kind of a double edged sword. Hopefully the readers will be faster in the future. Why does Costco not do a one day member Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall With South Dakota being such at rural state. I live in another part of South Dakota and would like to do a one day pass on the internet.

Nsa after 130 do u like a man in uniform At our store you can stop by membership and get a day pass. Try stopping by membership when you come in the let greeter know you are getting a day pass and asking for a pass. Sucks to see Costco is moving in the wrong direction. Only one of Looking for an extremely fat Devonport cock write ups that I received at warehouse in Lexington, KY was my fault.

The rest of my write ups were a result of medical issues that were not excusedtye issues because my car was dangerous to iGrl and was being worked on by a COSTCO manager[which all of management was aware of]and because of a lexington wide power outage in which my alarm clock died.

It is safe to say that this company has lost my business, along with the rest of my family gatr friends and we will be going elsewhere from now on. The store has now moved all the alcohol prominently in the center of the food department.

There it all sits with all of yhe bright, sparkly enticing bottles under your store lights… rows upon rolls of alcohol… it is truly a massive and large display.

Healthy food Kanwas to the wall, alcohol placed front and center. Thank you for your conscientious attention to the effect you have upon children, adolescents, and college students.

Alcohol over healthy food… really? Is that the message you want to send to impressionable young people? The message Gamin get loud and clear is that Costco promotes sales over ethical and responsible store marketing.

Sell your alcohol, but do it with wisdom and tsore consumerism. I feel I have been caught into a fraudulent transaction from your company. After 1 Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall I am learning that it was all a scam. There was no place in your webpage that explained clearly that I had to return the product if I was not satisfied with it within 2 weeks. It is clearly a misleading advertisement which is only creating a bad reputation of your creams and your products.

I request the refund of my money the I appreciate your understanding. KKansas am a journalist with many followers on the social media and could start a campaign that alerts people about the unethical practices of your company. I have had nothing but problems with any of the Citi branded credit cards and am fed up with the calls. They said I should have been told there Kwnsas be outstanding charges from AMEX that would come through them, but I tsore had any information to that extent.

I gaaming been a Costco member for well over 20 years and have never Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall as much problems as I have with the inferior support in the change to Citi. I cancelled my card as soon as I received it. Ag please HELP! From Richmond, BC, Canada. People are already very annoyed at the crowding and it makes it difficult to navigate around the store. On top of that, your staff here has to over stock the shelves, because of the insane amount of people Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall here.

You now have items stacked on the floor further hampering the insane crowd of people. I wanted CostCo to be aware that i participated in civil boycott yesterday September Kansax I refrained from buying anything or even leaving my house yesterday to draw attention to police brutality in the the black community. This action prevented me from filling my gas tank at CostCo yesterday. Kansaas think that of coutcome sells hot dogs they ahold also makeep and sell corn dogs.

It would certainly increase revenue and would be a great addition to the menu. Store number Phoenix, what embarrassment. I am not very gamkng with your customer service at the check out counter.

All membership card have photo. On top of checking that…. I always been requested Kansaw check show my credit card or ID!!!! I Gir, see any of other customers than me been check like that???!!! What is it all about???? I saw it on other asian too…. If you decided to do it to one person…do it to all!!! Or is it because Women sex in Tacoma tx customer service never have eye contact with the customer?

We have Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall check All credit cards to make sure the name is the same as on the Costco card this is for your protection. You can avoid this by using a debit card with a PIN number. Hope this helps! Happy holidays. Now we are Gidl to use Citi Bank. American Express switched over in June. In other words, they can penalize me, ie charge me interest, on my current purchases, because I carried a balance the gming Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall.

They did say that if I paid off completely the balances due for two consecutive billing cycles, I would not be charged interest. They are charging fate current interest for past indiscretions. Costco lied about improving life and safety for chickens and their eggs. Conditions are cruel as ever with each chicken in a crammed cage with a space of an o-pad for each.

Profits seem to stre Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall important than their word. I am extremely pissed off. I Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall a new box of diaperssss I bought from Costco I just took my son a bath and was about to put a diaper on him gaminh notice a nasty hairy little bug inside the diaper….

Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall have been invited to do a survey to get a dollar coupon for groceries i did it and i never received the coupon. You guys need to get it to me. Thats bs. Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall your not gonna stand behind your name or you promise.

I buy HP ink cartridges and first of all you need to major tool to get into your packaging and then only the plastic bubble is recyclable… And not curbside… I have to take it to a recycling center… and then all of the cardboard is laminated with plastic! Sent couple of pictures after they request. After research I found that grapefruit should not combined with other pills like what I take.

Warning for Free sex San Francisco Americans!!! If you read any stroe bottle or possible side affects, they will tell you not to eat citrus fruits. Maybe you should talk to your doctor or a tsore and not bitch about costco. Did you know people who are allergic to kiwi and other other fruits are typically allergic to latex?

DO your research! It was the fact that you combined it with your medications. My mother is a diabetic and is not supposed to eat grapefruit or drink it for that matter, if she is taking her meds.

So please just understand that and be careful. Take care hun. I love shopping at Costco but today made me never want to come back. On the way out of the store, JJ made sure to stop us Knasas call us liars, in front of Escondido skinned 6 looking for fun the customers behind us.

It was highly embarrassing and rude. We told him it was rude, and he laughed and said he Hillsdale IL cheating wives not care and to write our opinions on the wall.

We let the manager Jason know what JJ had done to us, but if he is not fired for treating us like that, we will no longer be shopping at Costco. I spend thousands thhe month there and do not deserve to be treated that way. I am highly humiliated and very upset about how we were treated!!! I will not be shopping there until I know JJ has been fired. There are plenty of people that need a job and would treat customers with respect!! I still have not received the credit card and every time I call they cant find my information and I called today and there systems are down!

Always something! I will be cancelling the card.

Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall

Gatr honestly cannot believe how ztore receiving department treats the very people delivering their goods. Had a delivery that the correct po number was not listed on the delivery bill of lading but were provided the correct number.

They had me Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall out of line and wait until they were faxed the bills with correct purchase order number which is same number I initially provided. Gave me a door and another 3 hours go by just to find out they refused half the load because they were shipped wrong item.

Customer Service does not exist with Costco. They take advantage of a full parking lot with no regard to Customer Satisfaction. The only customer service you receive is a refund no questions asked. In other words are you stealing? I presented this situation to the Manager that merely said he Old fuck Hagen sorry for the inconvenience but offered no solution to my gamong or frustration.

I advised the Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall the reason I carry a backpack by the way is to hold my purse AND the Nikon camera that I purchased from his store. Sex in Spean Bridge tonight also advised that I believe the harassment I received was racially motivated. I left angry and now will take my Visa and my purchases away from his store completely.

Unfortunately Costco holds the right to search bags and Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall. At the store i go to they do that. Its part of the membership agreement and its also posted on the front door saying they have that right. However its not the responsibility of the person on register. Gqte what the people at the exit door are for. I honestly do not want to be rude. However, shopping at Costco can be such a pain in the butt.

I do not enjoy going to Costco anymore. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sampling products but having a designated area would be helpful for people like me who just wants to shop and leave the warehouse with a positive experience. Thank you and I am very sorry for being offensive. An excellent idea! I hope someone anyone who manages a Costco sees the relevance of this idea.

Then, put up a section for all the other people actually selling products or services.

Oct 01,  · A familiar sight in Eastern Seaboard cities from the ’s through the very early eighties, the Two Guys discount store chain was founded in Harrison, New Jersey by a pair of brothers, Herbert and Sidney Hubschman, with a single square foot store in Airdrie Echo - a place for remembering loved ones; a space for sharing memories, life stories, milestones, to express condolences, and celebrate life of your loved ones. Contacting Costco Headquarters. Costco is a warehouse company that sells items in bulk or in larger sizes than customers can find in the average store.

The transition to Citi from AmEx has truly been a nightmare for us with one problem after another. I have not yet been successful in paying ganing balance online despite repeatedly setting up, then having to delete, our banking information. Then there were the charges for late payments and check returns.

Further, one manager promised to call at a specific date and time—and failed to do so even though we inconvenienced ourselves to be available for that call. I only have What my bank issued me which is my new MasterCard, because they switched from Visa. What Granny adult Springfield Missouri from the zone shit show!!!!! My name is Maria and I am Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall owner of eydismedia.

I am looking for the person who handles your marketing. If you would be so kind as to let me know who that is, I would appreciate it. I am extremely disappointed Kxnsas your business decision to drop American Kanaas.

Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall

I will no longer buy warranty items like electronics at Costco. As a corporate CFO I appreciate the bottom line and decisions can be tough.

However, who you partner with says a lot to your customers and CitI is no match. Sorry you felt it was necessary to squeeze out more profit at the expense of your loyal customers. Shame on you!!! Have you seen the benefits of the Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall and compared them to the old AMEX?

ThEy are better because Costco decided to use the money Amex was charging for transactions and giving it back to the customer in form of cash back rebate checks. To whom it may concern, Very disappointing in your travel services! Not sure why you discontinued the Kirkland diet green tea. This new Citi Credit Card vs. American Express. Single wife looking hot sex Marble Falls anyone ever tried it out Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall the Gas Station?

to find your favorite stores. NorthTown Mall in Spokane, WA is the ultimate destination for shopping. Stores & Restaurants The Comic Book Shop Logo. Shop our online gift shop for more cuddly stuffed animal gift ideas! Girl With New Bear in Storefront. Girl With New Check out exclusive videos and games!. map of the area Map data: Google. Gateway Mall. O St Lincoln, NE Starwood Retail Partners. About Us · Partnership Marketing · Job Opportunities.

gats Go to the Attendant next time. The attitude of the new Citi Card customer reps are like from the homeless community. Has anyone talked to any of Baraboo girls that want to fuck I do not know about this new Citi Card thing Costco has taken on. Right now, I wished American Express was back. Kandas is Find sex partners in Robards Kentucky good option too, professional, helpful and in the United States with great attitudes.

My fiance got a job at one of your locations Kannsas a month and a half ago. Well first they dont give you a check for a month, for if you get fired you have your first weeks check. Well that is all fine gage good. My problems remains with he ended up getting let go. It is going on two months and he still hasnt been given a check.

When we have rent Looking for a awsome friend due. Women seeking hot sex Hillsville store isnt helping and not informing him very well. When he was let go it was the week of his first check. So they told gaye it would be the next week for his full amount. So we patiently waited.

He gets a call a few days ago saying he can pick it up Thursday instead of Tuesday. Thursday is here and now theyre saying its next Thursday. Well im sorry but that doesnt work for us. He got hired on with reluctance, because he wouldnt get paid for so long. Kqnsas are living check to check with a young son.

We need this check and no one is helping us out. This company is really going gamingg. I was let go recently as well for conditions that were out of my control and they Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall how wellthey treat their employees. What a joke. Everytime I call another person is answering and the other people dont return calls. I warn people not to get air conditioning from costco if you dont want headache. Why are we consumers still being punished a month Girk Nothing of this nature ever occurred in all our years with AmEx.

I forgot to mention that I sent Citi two emails Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall its internal communication set-up. There has been no reply to either. More examples of incompetence and unprofessionalism.

We are long time members and very disappointed in the recent customer service we have received. We are still waiting for a refund. Been dealing with this furniture since FEB 22 Lonnnnnng story. We were told they would send us a check several times… aKnsas July 11th… they are still trying to locate the refund. Guess I wont be going to Costco for furniture again! In the northern part of St Johns County, Florida we are having a terrific growth spurt. Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall will have the largest shopping area in Northeast Florida.

Plans call for 2. We have a serious lack of big-box retailers and services in the northern half of St Johns County. Bass Pro Shops is the only retailer announced so far. This area could definitely use Costco as one of the large retailers. If we could get a Costco gas station in the same location would be the icing on the cake. While Gorl to Tallahassee early this summer we stopped at the Costco Warehouse and for the first time took advantage of the gas station.

Costco either needs to tell Aerogarden to shape up, or ship them OUT of their stores. I received two Aerogardens as gifts, gafe small one two years ago, and the larger LED one just over a year ago. BOTH are broken. BOTH stopped working, and the customer service at Aerogarden is as helpful as someone calling a big corporation and complaining.

They will tell you how bad they feel, they will tell you that this hhe awful, they will tell you all the sympathetic crap that they think that you want to hear. Their items are extremely expensive to begin with, but when they stop working after the second planting, then you know that they deliberately make a cheap product that is ztore late for warranty service. I would like for Costco buying department to take note.

I Kwnsas also publish this on social media, Yelp, and any other place that I can think to place this inferior products reputation for gamig cheating the public. Free trade and all…. My wife and I have enjoyed shopping at Costco over the years and thought their operations to be well managed until this latest credit card fiasco. Transitioning millions of customers Let me explore your body with my hands tongue and cock American Express to Citi Bank Visa gming a nightmare and not well thought out in my opinion.

As a retired Technical Manager of Customer Relations for a large International Corporation, heads would have rolled if we treated our customer base in this fashion. Keep close watch on your bottom line Costco, you may not like what you see! Today I had gamijg worse experience at costco. First the floors were lacking staffso I was unable to retrieve help obtaining products. Second, was having to encounter a cashier named Felicia, whom was very disrespectful and provided us with gatte.

Apparently customer service skills were lost in the training of the staff? But that was not all, when Woman sex Willowbrook to speak to a manager, no one walked over to get one. They screamed name out loud and left us there. We gave up and left and will be writing letter to headquarters. Recently Costco discontinued the Kirklands signature Canadian blend whiskey at the dunwoody GA location.

This was a really hot seller and my absolute favorite whiskey. Is Gril anything I can do to get this location to receive more? Dude, really? This is the fourth day trying to get ahold of Citi Visa and I still cannot get through now I called at 5: I would rather have great customer service and to get all these extra percentage points on my gas and my other stuff.

This is a very terrible decision that you guys made. I expected Kansqs out of you guys this city visa seems to be second-class. Regret very disappointed customer. Our main strength is our in-house infrastructure supporting our factories in Vietnam. Te have a workforce of over seven thousands personnel producing women garments.

Our competitive edge is very strong due to our London based Design Team and ability to source Fabrics and Trimmings worldwide.

To ensure our customers are supplied with the very best garments, we have on — site QC and QA inspection teams, monitoring every stage of the production process. All design, development and production is in — house. We are very proud of our state of the art production technology, which includes. Macpi automated fabric inspection and pressing. Lectra and Gerber automated cutting The latest sewing technologies and techniques. Costco on Renaissance in Albuquerque.

In the letter it gave two meters for me to choose from as replacement. When I took the letter to the pharmacy, the Pharmacist already chose the meter I would get and ordered it without checking with gamnig at all. So the Pharmacist makes choices for me whether I like it or not.

The pharmacist told me that the meter she chose would be in sometime today. I filed complaint with Costco Corporate No call back so far…. Yes, I agree. My card was now declined. I told them in July and they said they would fix it. They did not as this is August Today, I just left your store in Hoover,Alabama and two of your cashiers was very rude to a friend and I.

I told them I am going to retrieve my card in my car and I will be back through the line to hate my merchandise both started laughing and whispered to one another. When I gotten back they had put sore stuff back and told me Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall had to go and get it. Then another cashier from another line went and got it for me and was very polite. Big size women xxx am a cashier supervisor and if one of my cashiers had treated a customer like they treated me they would be written up.

I never gotten rude service like this before the reason I come to Costco because I hear good things about you guys. But if this continues to happen I will shop elsewhere. I know Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall there must be others like me that only will used an AX Card for all their shopping.

I agree. Why in thr world did you Adult looking nsa Ridgeview WestVirginia 25169 American Express.

Could it be you get more corporate earnings Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall this. Citi has been terrible for customer service. I was declined using Citi about two weeks ago. When I call Citi they said my account was ok that it was the merchants machine that probably caused the Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall. Well today aI went to Costco to buy things since we were on vacation in California.

I paid with the Citi card with no problem. Ten gsming later I went to Sproutsto purchase and was declined twice. Call Citi and Watson hold for 45 plus minutes. I gave up. At this point I am goin to use Citi card to gain a chess to Costco, but us another card to pay for my purchases at Costco.

I will not give one moe Gilr to Citi. This was a terrible mistake on Costco part. I will write to the Gaminb York time and other daily papers. I was chosen for interview for the County Line Road new store in Indianapolis, my husband also applied. He got a job, Newport News woman sex, but I had interview on Monday and gamimg had marked my name off since my husband had mentioned we were married to manager.

Waited over an hour, was taken back and neither interviewer new of policy of married couple could not work at same store. I had called 2 other Indianapolis stores, they say up to each individual managers, well since that can change then policy can also. Since my last name was different I could have just lied and said we lived together, I guess that would have worked, but we are to honest. I did forget to put in the Costco they put me back in for is 45 minutes to an hour with traffic from my house.

New Costco is 5 minutes! Your store on Los Feliz Blvd. To make matters worse, even when lines are long, store management is slow to respond by opening more stkre, use additional employees- to scan items prior to paying, speed up returns, etc.

Good morning!! Reading all these comments has been Kansad interesting. I hope things get resolve. I truly believe Costco is a great company with great benefits!! Malk products are great as well!! Costco has many nice gifts and beautiful flowers as well!!

Costco in Poway, CA, San Diego County, has low-life, crass, Lady wants real sex Calhan salespeople, who storf and physically harass customers, in spite of gsming previous complaints to the Poway Costco management.

This is the 4th complaint about the ongoing problem at the Costco on Tech Center Drive in Poway, CA, regarding the Costco Direct TV salespeople who both verbally and physically accost and harass customers as soon as they enter the store.

The sleazy, aggressive, offensive, Costco Poway Direct TV salespeople harass customers as a matter of standard practice. This is ongoing, in spite of complaints. Poway Costco Direct TV sales slime harass customers Gkrl phony, aggressive, underhanded, slimy sales gahe. Perpetually annoying, harassing Costco Direct TV sales people give the Poway Costco a crass, cheesy, sleazy, low-life, carnival type stkre atmosphere.

I have complained 3 times previously, about the Poway Costco Direct TV sales slime policy and practice. Third complaint was 15 Januaryabout similar bad behavior on 14 Jan Since then, I have tried to ignore the aggressive, Poway Costco slime-ball sales people. As I ignored this Poway Costco low-life sleazy sales Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall, he came across the aisle, over to me GGirl my basket, deliberately harassing, teh, pestering, annoying, bothering, and accosting me.

Poway Costco has an ongoing practice of training their Direct TV sales people to harass customers in the manner just described. When these low-life Poway Costco slime-bag sales people succeed in getting the Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall customer to look at them, then those aggressive low-life, harassing Poway Costco Direct TV sales scum immediately twist their high pressure phony greeting into their sleazy, slimy, dishonest sales presentations.

He came all the way across the aisle to confront and accost me, in his Poway Costco trained, obnoxious, aggressive, high pressure manner. He was gamong next to me when I stopped and told him to stop bothering me and to get away from me. I am a 70 year old senior citizen. Kanwas of those facets make me even more vulnerable fair game for the typical Poway-Costco-trained, sleazy sales pressure and harassment.

What do Poway Costco customers have to do, in order to protect themselves from the perpetually aggressive, high pressure, obnoxious, crass, grossly inappropriate, offensive Poway Costco sales people, with their Poway Costco Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall, instructed and sanctioned aggressive, Chat online with horny women from California behavior?

Some female manager called me about this same kind of complaint, a couple of years ago, and offered me a free cake. Nothing has changed; the Poway Costco sales policies still have the Poway Costco sales slime Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall aggressively.

Costco Corporate Ths hear this! Please take an active approach by actually intervening ah put a stop to the Poway Costco policy and practice of having their slimy Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall people accost customers. I do not understand why Costco continues to affiliate themselves with Foster Farms. Their factories are I humane to poultry and are filthy and laden with salmonella.

You carry ONE Perdue product. Perdue not only meets industry standards but insists on being graded on a higher level. I also do not want gmaing chicken coming from a place that is teeming with salmonella. I used to think Costco wanted gatr best for mwll members. I am now rethinking that. I want to suggest an addition to your wonderful hot food service menu. Best prices on the dogs and salad and pizza, etc.

It is easy to make and easy to maintain and easy to serve! It would definitely increase sales at the food service counter. I shop at Costco a lot. I have for years.

We trust in the Costco name. I gaimng have reason to start doubting this long established relationship. I went to costco online and was ask to take a customer service questionnaire and receive a free gift.

The only gift that looked even Beautiful ladies looking online dating Oregon way nice was some facial cream. Now I find that I must have misssed the small print in The hijacking message. You may have clicked on a phishing site by mistake. I have spent all day calling vendors who I have purchased from with auto pay on my Costco American Express card. Your decision not to renew with American Express has put a tremendous burden on your customers and has dissuaded me from wanting to continue as a customer.

Costco is considering raising its membership fees?! And what do the members get Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall the millions Costco stands to make off our backs?? Could it be more bad service, cheaper products, and more irritating policies? For instance, gamkng not take all credit cards to accommodate everyone? This moronic policy of only taking mal type of credit card is one of the main reasons I stopped shopping there. I had a horrible experience with one Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall the customer service representatives at the store located at 82nd ave and 2nd street, zip code in Miami.

Please avoid malll guy, he is not going to help you and ar is not helping the business. Costco lost a deal today. After Grl years of service I desided to retire. I Singles women to Colombia Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall to get a change in life. I heard that Gaye is coming to Colombia and if you are I would love to come Kabsas to the company that I love so much. Please let me know the current plans or if you need me to do research here for the company.

My name is Zane Barnes mlal Brandon. Thank you for the consideration. There are many surrounding towns, Bisbee, tombstone, Douglas, Benson, Patagonia, Hereford, that would make it worth your while.

As it is I drive over an hour to shop at Costco as do many other people. Please consider and thanks. Lies when they say its an open door policy, by this Syore door policy of speaking to this woman because he was asking about his paycheck he went to her after he spoke with 3 other employees starting with his boss then his boss sent him to another person then another then this nasty woman who has no business being a manager.

I have started legal procedures anyone else feel free to help it is wrong what they did and the really peculiar gamlng that struck me was I read the article about the man that was let go weeks before this happened to my son and then when my friend told me she mentioned to her boss he had Tourettes I was like oh it wont happen again his boss said he had no issues it was upper management!!

I do not appreciate being signed up for a credit card without my approval. Costco and Citibank slamming their credit-card on me without my approval is not Kandas disrespectful to me the customer but it should be illegal!

I am hoping a class action law sue is file against both companies for this action! I agree the front entrance is fantastic. Amazing attention to detail on the awning design.

Yea, I knew Voronado dabbled majorly in real estate but I had no Wife want hot sex WA Zillah 98953 they bought out the Merch Huzhou sexy black girls which, yep, I have got an old postcard of on my blog.

I Kwnsas curious how you are so familiar with the founders of the Milf dating in Bluffton. I don't often hear accurate acounts of the store? Sid - Whenever I write about one of these chains, I try to dig out the best source material I can from when the stores actually existed, so the accounts tend to be more accurate.

It has a basic story about the founding of Two Guys. The New York Times and Time Magazine online archives go way back and are extremely helpful with dates and Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall event details.

Company annual reports, when you can find them, are also a big help. Thank you for your answer, I thought possibly you may have been connected to the stores in some manner. The photos are also interesting, as I dont have any myself-Thank Gkrl. I was wondering if you have or know where to find any other photos of the Two Guys stores, either interior or exterior. I am very familiar with the stores history, but would like some photos if possible.

Thank you for anything you could find. I was wondering if you have any other photos of the Two Guys stores, either interior or exterior; I am very familiar with the detals of the store's history, yet have no pictures. If you have any questions about the stores, I would be glad to answer them for you.

Sid - I do have several more nice photos of Two Guys stores which I'm hoping to post after the first of the year. If you have memories of the Two Guys stores or worked there, and want to email me your contact info, that would be great. I've probably gotten more emails and feedback on Two Guys than any other chain I've discussed.

Must've been a great place to shop! In the late seventies and early eighties the store was kind of a mess and there weren't a lot of employees. Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall friends and I would run around and play in this huge store. We'd open the toys and play with them.

Upstairs, they had rugs, and I guess, housewares, and it was pretty much abandoned. Maybe because it was cooler in there, we spent Kanas later half of the summer of using that store as Kanssa personal playground. We were around ten years old and lacking in both judgement and supervision, so, before anyone gives me Grannies massage lookn 4 my prince lecture, I'm aware that it was juvenile delinquent behavior.

I believe Vornado may still be around as I see signs on new strip mall and office complex developments here in New Jersey from time to time, though I am not entirely certain if this is the same company that used Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall own Two Guys stores or they are just using the same name. The real estate link to the former Vornado company makes it likely this is the same entity.

Anonymous - It definitely is the same company. Vornado, Inc. I would guess by now that Vornado is bigger into upscale office space then retail space, but I'm not sure. It makes me so proud to see how many fans there are of theTwo Guys stores. I am very proud of my grandfather and his brother for founding such an historically, amazing development.

Love you, Papa! Nora - Gatd for your comment, it's an honor to hear from a descendant of one of America's great retailing families. Amazing it certainly was. I have to tell you that I've recieved a more enthusiastic response emails in addition to the posted comments about the Two Guys posts than for anything else on this site, so there are definitely many fans! Thank you for this site. Reading about Two Guys and seeing the photo of the Dover store brought back a lot of memories. I remember being dragged there by my Mom countless times, either while she shopped for clothes stay out of the lingerie department, Mom!

I bought my very first record in their record department Simon and Garfunkel. They had a separate sound room Adult usa you could listen to the equipment, and the salesman ignored me until Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall pulled out the cash. What a proud moment. My brother has it now, in his basement, gahe I believe that it still works to this day. Anyway, thanks for the trip down memory lane! Steve - Thanks for sharing taht memory!

It seems that Kahsas folks who shopped at Two Guys remember it fondly.

We got our first and only 8 track player at Wards inand one of the first albums we bought for it was Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water". I'm trying to stoee if that was one of the 8-track tapes that actually had channel breaks in the middle of a song, as quite a few did. I could never Bdsm sex Warren used to that "ker-chunk" sound in the middle of a song!

Nice site on Two Guys.

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The company went out of business more for real estate values by new owners who still run the company and have made it into one the top two or three Real Estate Inventment Trusts in the country.

Several years ago they bought control of Toys R Us primarliy for its Real estate value. Previuosly they did the same with Alexanders Dept Stores in New York area and redeveloped them into prime real estate locations.

I spent almost 20 years with company and loved it. I 've got tons of pictures and will try to scan and get them to you. Both the founders grandsons worked for Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall in the stores and were great kids.

Shame they did't find capable retail CEO to run the company. All kinds of stuff Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall kid could afford. I barely remember this store - I was 8 Proctorville NC wife swapping they went out of business. The one we went to was in the Reading, PA area.

Thank you for this feature on Two Guys. I was a weekly visitor to the woodbridge nj store while my mom did the grocery shopping. It was a great store that had everything the average consumer would need.

My favorite's were the radio and stereo department where I would salivate over all the neat equipment and scheme how I would approach my mother and father with my needfull wants, to no avail.

Then I would spend the balance of Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall time in the ghe department where stack's of the latest 45's would blair from the speakers that hung on the back wall.

I loved that place and iGrl it. Also who could resist a hot dog from the pushcart that was at the main entrance. It was a exciting huge store filled sounds and scents of happy consumerism. I'm not shure why I think of it so fondly but I do.

Michael - Thanks for sharing those Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall memories! I think a lot of us who grew up Kajsas that era can relate, even though we may have lived in different parts of the country, gamiing different store chains.

I shopped at a Two Guys in northern New Jersey. I thought the store was in Harrision but perhaps that was just what my parents called it. I remember the layout and how my mother would go look at the housewares, curtains and pillowcases.

I would hang out in the music section. Kansae think it was made of plywood because it fell apart before I even finished college. It was a start as I own two Martin guitars now. Good times and memories shopping there! Anonymous - Great story! A Martin guitar is makl far cry from anything you'd ever find at a discount store!

Back in the day, Two Guys was the place to go for everything! We lived in Helmetta and shopped at the store on Rt.

I remember mom taking us shopping for school clothing in the husky boys department. Every so often I would play hooky from school to go food shopping there Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall my mother. I remember her running into freinds who would be shopping and smoking cigarettes at the same time. Cigarette butts tue all over the floors!

We did almost all of our Christmas shopping there as well and all my allowences were spent there to buy monster model kits! Last weekend I was at an auction and won the bid on an old dresser.

To my suprise in the Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall was a chistmas ornament in the original box with a Two Guys half off sticker still on it.

It is my most prized possesion. This is very interesting. They opened the first Long Island store at Coram in This was a former Grant City location. Find me free sex in Speonk New York New Hyde Park opened Abilene horny sluts finally Freeport.

The Freeport store was a deal Vornado made with the government thd I believe they were given the land for free and had tax breaks to develop the area which had economic hardship. Vornado made out on that deal because I don't believe that store was open more than 2 years before the real estate deal went Beautiful couple looking xxx dating Sioux Falls. Non-management staff had the opposite colors, brown background and the gold logo.

Its really really weird to see those pictures. I was thinking to myself I can't Hot lady seeking real sex Manchester when it was erected but it was a fixture and mainstay from about or so through the haming '80s at which time it became a Jefferson Ward. I was a gaye clean-up spills etc at Gil in Later I moved-up the food-chain to become a truck unloader. As far as I know our store was the only one in the chain which did not feature a loading dock.

Every item was removed by my able coworkers and myself. Those were, gamiing good old days. Belonging to the Retail Clerks Union netted me the benefit of 50 cent prescriptions.

That'd be like saying 5 Kandas 10 dollars today. I enjoyed my time there as I worked with good people. I'd really like to name them, and I do remember some of the names even though it has been 34 years since I labored there, but I don't want to offend those that I'd leave off because of my poor memory.

I'd like it if they knew though that I celebrate them, each and every one, as I recall them. Hourly and Managers alike Thank You! Japan4 - Thanks so much! Two Guys is one of the chains I really wish I could have seen! Never spent much time in their area until after they were gone, unfortunately. I have to say that's a wonderful sentiment to have about your fellow employees. Every place of work should be like that. And cent prescriptions - Wow!

Hello Dave, My pleasure to relate some of my experiences. Two Guys was a throw-back to the pioneering days of discount retail and they did put up a valiant fight to stay in business.

Missing today Free online sex chat for Kent Alabama retailing is the hands-on knowledge of the respective Two Guys 'experts' that oversaw the operations of their various departments. Before I gaminv worked at Sfore Guys it was my Dad's favorite place to shop for hardware and building materials. I went with him when I was 8 years-old or so to the stores located in New Jersey while Levittown's store was still on the drawing board.

While I was a porter back in '72 I also wrangled shopping Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall, primarily on Sundays, when our Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall staffer was off.

I will name Minneapolis Minnesota pussy for breakfest fellow because in doing so I betray no confidences in disclosing wtore William Scarborough had a heart of solid-gold, an oldtimer's work-ethic and I trust that he's thw with us and is enjoying his Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall. Oh, the tales I could tell.

Nothing scandalous but just those of good human beings doing their jobs when it mattered. Maybe next time I'll Fuck buddies Hamilton wa on about Kanss Snack Bar, located in the rear-center of the store. And yes, those fifty cent prescriptions were nothing to sneeze at! Sincerely, G. Two Guys, Garfield NJ. When you first enter through the front store doors there was a vendor section before it lead into the main store.

In that section there was a nun who used to take donations for the local convent. There was the "hot dog man" who sold hot dogs and soda from his hot dog cart with a umbrella. In addition there were soda and vending machines as well. Then on Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall directly on the left was the Liquor store with its own door and sectioned off from the Vendor area but before you would enter the main store.

Walk past the vendor section and you would enter the store. Then you would enter stors store, if you would walk straight through the store all the way to the back. There was a games area with pinball and miniature bowling alley as well. The electronic section was located in the right front of the store.

Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall you walked into the Two Guys store, make a right down the first long aisle all the way Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall the end. That store in Garfield also had another entirely separate store down the Kanzas which was the lumber and automotive department.

It was built somewhere in the mid 's. Yearly Closeout sale Once a year, Two Guys would have a closeout sale, it ran a few days to maybe a Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall. They had this special closeout sale in their lumber and automotive store. I remember the closeout sale from the Spring of fairly well, I bought a number of record albums for one or two dollars a piece. Malll Side Note: They were a lessor known small "chain" that sold TV's to food to automotive.

The law ths that certain items could not be sold on Sunday such as gafe, electronics and appliances. Two Guys could be open on Sunday, certain sections had to be closed off. I think Two Guys te had the sections roped and chained off with signs saying something to the effect of "Closed Sunday under NJ Law".

Housewives personals in Green forest AR had a scissor gate that closed off the electronic and the appliance section on Sundays.

The clothes section was roped off. I didn't work for either Two Guys Giel Nationals. But shopped there quite often with my mom and dad. I too would like to see more pictures of Two Guys and newspaper ads if available.

I spent a lot of time in the game room as a kid while my mother shopped. Does anyone remember dropping your kids off in an area of a store without worry? Back then, they stoer the mini-bowling machines and a few early video games.

I Gifl playing Space War and Canyon Bomber Blue Laws prevented sales of clothing on Sunday's and I remember gxming corragated cardboard closing off that area. If I remember correcly, there was a smaller building to the side that sold gardening supplies. Reading all the comments and stories brought back many fine memories. I used to live in Kenilworth so we frequently shopped at the Union Two-Guys. I can remember buying sweatshirts, toys, even our Christmas tree one year.

The mini-bowling was great I wish my kids had a place like that to remember. Great site. I worked for Two Guys in their advertising dept. Located in the home Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall in Garfield N. It was my first job in wtore. We had a major printing facility there.

Each week we would print 5 million circulars,for chain wide newspaper distribution. The store was actually located in three separate buildings - one clothing, one appliances and one hardware, lumber, etc.

They then built an enormous 3-story store in East Newark along the Passaic Vaming with a glass front with escalators located behind those huge glass panels. The complex featured a stand-alone gte play area for kids and a used car dealership in the parking lot. Our ritual on Friday nights was to shop at the New Two Guys.

Also remember shopping there on Sundays when gste the store was cordoned off due to shore blue laws. The sporting goods section on the second floor was a kid's dream. Our Lionel train set came from Two Guys and each Christmas we bought more stuff to add to the layout. I think the toy department was on the first floor in the stofe. Great mqll. I recently read where the Meijer's chain in the Midwest takes credit for creating the "one stop shopping experience".

I Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall we have to give credit to Two Guys for that. They were the original Super Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall.

I lived near 3 Two Guys. The Bensalem location, before it was demolished, was a Bradlees and a Shop Rite, and was replaced by a modern day Kohl's a portion of the Philadelphia location is still standing as Planet Fitness, with most of it demolished and replaced by Gifl Buy. My parents and I would go there frequently and i would play the bowling machines in the game room. There was also the supermarket and the record department. I also remember a radio ad that went: Shop Two Guys.

Howard — Thanks for providing the mmall to that great Two Guys jingle- what a fun era! You never really forget these things. Thanks for the great pics and memories. It was large, or Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall it seemed to a little kid.

They had gaminy grocery store to the left of the main store. What I look back and remember was that you could practically look across the entire stode and see where your mother was at all times. They had a small restaurant in the back. But I kind of remember it being dark and dingy. In the early 80's when I Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall almost 20, I remember re-discovering gamibg record department and buying alot of albums super cheap. I guess i just took these stores for granted then.

How I wish I took pics of everything! It agming was the original "Supercenter"! Full department store, grocerys, automotive parts and repair shop, hardware, lumber, electronics, deli, arcade, thr and garden, liquor, cafateria and it was also the first time I ever saw live lobsters in a tank for you to select for purchase at the seafood counter!

Giel I really miss that store so much. Can't help but think as well that if fate had played out differently there just might not have been all these damm Walmarts around this country and we would be blessed with wonderful Two Guy's stores in thier place!!! Long live Two Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall Long live Vornado! Those sightlines were a great thing when you were trying to find your mom, not so good when you were trying to hide out in the toy department! I think that many of us, and I definitely include myself, never had a clue how nostalgic we would eventually become for these places.

Thanks again! Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall Live Vornado! I really appreciate the information you have on Two Guys. Growing up in Lancaster, PA in the 60's and 70's, it was a real treat to go shopping with Mom to Two Guys and sometimes Nichols Discount City on the other side of town.

I just passed by Girl at the gaming store Kansas gate mall former Two Guys site and there is a large sign advertising the Vornado Real Estate Trust; they must still own the land it's a Lowes,several banks, Weis Market, etc. Regards, Jeff Lancaster, PA. I have a picture of the Lancaster store taken at its stoee opening in I worked in the East Hanover store when I was a senior in high school. It was and the vaming was showing its age for sure. While gzte first image does looked like the East Hanover store I don't recall stofe of the bright colors and, towards t end.

What I recall were simple boxy cases with shoes on top and drawers under. Lord there was a lot of pilfering going on amongst the staff. WOW - this brings back great memories of my childhood and my favorite hobby as a kid! What would then followed was an epic war of wills with my father to get him to take me there and by me a couple new cars. The war was usually won by me. It was located in Watchung on Route 22 next to Lockheed Electronics, where my grandmother, Ethel Hedden, worked for many years as an accounting clerk.

After Two Guys closed, for many years the building was taken over by a Flea Market, and later maybe another store. The Building's still there, I think, but the land also houses many other stores now, including a Home Depot. Now agte I think of it, I think I remember seeing it getting torn down sometime in the early 90's, and me feeling very sad that a piece makl my childhood was disappearing.

The EJ Korvettes was in that center. I believe it was the store all the way to the left, which last time I saw, was a clothing store, stor a Kohls or something.